Leading edge technology PCB laboratory

Years of investments, heritage and research makes Elital one of the best places where develop high technology PCB especially for Radio Frequency application such as satcom equipment, filter, amplifier, Reflectarray antenna, patch antenna, SAR antenna, and so on.

  • Multilayer RF Material PCB
  • Embedded Components
  • Mixed Material RF PCBs
  • Suspended Lines
  • Oversize PCB
  • OmegaPly buried resistors
  • Buried holes
  • Back Drilling


La continua ricerca ha portato alla costruzione di un circuito stampato a 10 strati operante in banda Ku (14GHz) in FR4 e PTFE con resistori e componenti discreti integrati all’interno del circuito. Tale circuito stampato è stato messo a punto e replicato in alcuni esemplari per un’antenna di proprietà dell’ ESA (Ente Spaziale Europeo).

example 10 layer RF ceramics PCB

example 10 layer RF ceramics PCB

please see at our PCB samples and do not hesitate to contact us.

PCB’s are compliant to following Standards:

  • ECSS-Q-70-11
  • ECSS-Q-70-10
  • M08C030A00A
  • IPC-4103B11BE0106S0000CT
  • IPC-4562
  • IPC-4103
  • IPC-4552 (Draft)
  • IPC-2221
  • IPC-T-50
  • IPC-6018
  • IPC-2615
  • IPC-A-600
  • IPC-TM-650
  • IPC-CC-830
  • IPC-9191
  • IPC-PC-90
  • IPC-6011
  • J-STD-003
  • -STD-004
  • -STD-006
  • ASTM B-568
  • ASTM B-488
  • AMS-2418
  • MIL-PRF-55110
  • MIL-STD-202
  • MIL-STD-883

Main Programs:

  • Cosmo Sky Med Second Generation
  • Cosmo Sky Med
  • Saocom
  • KompSat
  • Sicral
  • Sicral 1B
  • Sentinell (ESA)
  • Galileo IOV
  • Galileo FOC
  • AMOS 4