Digital Beacon Receiver – ELT 190-00141-0

The Elital ELT-190-00141-0 Digital Beacon Re- ceiver is the new generation receiver designed for optimize pointing and tracking of GEO satellites from earth stations.

The Elital DRB can lock onto a CW or low index modulated carrier, ensuring an high flexibility .

The DBR operate in L-band and accept a 950- 2150 MHz signal with an high dynamic range from –110 to –10 dBm.

The DBR use a signal processing totally digital for obtain a fast response combined with an high accuracy.

Due to its high sensitivity, the DBR can be used on systems that do not have high antenna gain such as mobile stations.

The DBR can be used as stand alone module, sup- plementing with accessories such as LCD display and keypad, or coupled to the ACU able to con- trol via RS232/RS422 or Ethernet interfaces

Main Features

• Fully digital signal processing

• Fast response (acquisitiontime<1sec)

• Beacon signal: CW or modulated

• Flexible control mode:LCD&keypad, RS232/RS422, Ethernet

• Flexible output: analog DC, digital, digital continuous

• High configurability(outputslope, search window, reference level, ecc)

• High integrated compact design


• Secure Digital with event and level logger

• M&Csoftwarewithadvancedfeatures

DATASHEET – ELT-190-00141-0-DS