Airborne Ku Band Tx/Rx Antenna


  • The operating frequency band is between 14.4 and 15.35 GHz.
  • The minimum antenna gain in the bandwidth is 21 dBi at the RF connector, internal cable loss included.
  • The -3 dB beamwidth Azimuth and elevation will be > 9º.
  • The polarization is RHCP.
  • The axial ratio is less than 2.5 dB within the angular span of the in -10 dB beamwidth.
  • The VSWR is less than 1.5 :1.
  • The sidelobes are less than -15 dB.
  • The maximum RF input CW power is no less than 40 W at all altitudes and temperatures.
  • The maximum power consumption is less than 80 W.


RTCA DO-160F, section 4, Category E2, no pressurization on the aircraft, with the following values:

  • · Operational range of temperature of -60 ºC to 71 ºC,
  • · Ground Survival Maximum Temperature 85°C,
  • · Ground Survival Minimum Temperature -60°C,
  • · Short time Operating High Temperature 71°C.

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Ku Band Tx/Rx Airborne Antenna

Ku Band Tx/Rx Airborne Antenna