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Archivio mensile: Luglio 2015

SBCPack – Smart Border Control Pack

The system proposed, is based on the CommuniPack 4000 trailer system. The SBCPack is a “platform” where a lot of accessories, sensors and systems, comes from different technologies can be mounted on-board and works [...]


SkyCOM – BLOS Airborne UAV Terminal

Elital is able to adapt or design airborne terminals according to the customer requirements contact us for more information


SOTM – BLOS Dual Band Airborne UAV Antenna

A Ka/Ku Airborne Terminal for UAV consists of the following subsystems: Stabilized Antenna; Antenna Control Unit (ACU); Transmitters and Receivers Radio Frequency Subsystem  (BUC and LNB); Communication Subsystems [...]


LOS – Ku Band Tx/Rx Airborne Antenna

Airborne Ku Band Tx/Rx Antenna Performances: The operating frequency band is between 14.4 and 15.35 GHz. The minimum antenna gain in the bandwidth is 21 dBi at the RF connector, internal cable loss included. The -3 [...]