The system proposed, is based on the CommuniPack 4000 trailer system. The SBCPack is a “platform” where a lot of accessories, sensors and systems, comes from different technologies can be mounted on-board and works independently or in cooperation (data fusion), based on the customer needs. The SBC-Pack (Border Control Platform), has been developed for Army, Homeland Security, and Air Forces, and is qualified for hostile environment according to the military standard. The SBC-Pack is designed for Critical Infrastructure supervise.

Smart Border Control Pack

Smart Border Control Pack

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Suitable for:

  • Electrical Power Plants,
  • Border Control maritime and land,
  • Popular events (religion, concerts, politics, etc)
  • Bridge guard,
  • Dike guard,

Technical Description:

The mechanical frame is military standard compliant. The structure is designed for Avio Transportation and it’s compliant with C27J dimensions (the smallest cargo aircraft for tactical use) and its also compliant with C130J, Antonov and ilyushin anchoring interface at the floor. The SBC-Pack main frame is designed and qualify to be transported:

On Road:

  • Mitsubishi L200,
  • Volkswagen Amarok,
  • Mercedes G 6×6
  • Military vehicles,


  • Standard military vehicles (VTLM Lince, ACTL, HMMVEE, …)

Following are listed the technical performances of the SBC-Pack for air transport on aircrafts. We are comply to the mil-spec related to C27J and C130J (considered as a worst case).

Dynamic applicable load during the flight and landing:

  • Longitudinal: +3,0 G (forward) +1,5 G (aft);
  • Transversal: 3,0 G (+/-1,5G);
  • Vertical: +4,5 G/-2 G
  • Crash Landing: +4,5 G/-2 G*

Operational condition

According to the ASTM 1925-99 the SBC-Pack is designed:

  • Temperature: -40°C a +65°C,
  • Sun radiation: 75°C on the roof
  • surface,
  • Altitude: 3000m over see level
  • Wind: operative 80 km/h
  • (limits for long range cameras)
  • Transport condition (on road): 120 km/h;
  • Salt fog: 0.75 (7,5%) ng/m3
  • Humidity: 100% per 4h,
  • Rain: > 40 mm/h
  • inclinazione fino a 90°
  • Thermal exchange coefficient K ≤ 2 W / m2 °C

Main Features:

Elital platform includes built-in:

  • Mechanical frame,
  • Monitor and Control system iPDU,
  • UPS with batteries,
  • Deployable Solar panel,
  • Power inverter,
  • Diesel power generator,
  • Heavy Duty Telescopic mast for camera systems and radar,
  • Light Duty Telescopic mast for wireless communication (where needed),
  • Air compressor for telescopic masts,
  • Z-Panel with all the interfaces connectors,
  • Ethernet Switch,

On the platform can be easily mounted a lot of system and for each system can be used the one with the best performances related to the purposes of the application:

  • Long range Night Vision IR Camera (FLIR system for example)
  • Long range Day Light camera
  • Local perimeter control cameras (mpac-Buma, Axis, …)
  • Laser Range Finder,
  • RF recognition Radar,
  • Facial Recognition software
  • On board Server for data storage and handling (in this case the air conditioning system is required)
  • Radio Communication system (WiFi, WiMax, backbone RF bridge,..)
  • GSM mobile cells, to extends the connection capability is such area during particular events