This equipment is specially designed to measure the Weight, the Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia of bodies up to 5 tons.

The measurement system is easy to use: the measure is available in a few minutes. The control software is easy to use and a builtin database allows to store the measures of the bodies and the adaptors. The machine is fully automatic, as baseline proposal.  With this features the maximum accuracy is achieved. Semi-automatic machine are available: the Device Under Test (DUT) is positioned and re-positioned manually on the measuring table (valid for the CoG only. For MoI measurement automatic system is required).

The software allows to perform measurements offline, analizing the measured values of the adapters and the bodies.

All the materials used are comply for clean room ISO8 environment.

The instrument in low profile and suitable for wide range of measurements.

Elital supplies the MoiCoG machines tailored on customer requirements, from 0.1kg up to 10tons. The system is supplied with the calibration dummy mass. Elital is also available to study and supply special adapters and L-Shapes with additional alignment/measuring tools. Please contact us for more details.


  • Weight
  • Center of Gravity (baseline)
  • Moment of Inertia (option)
  • Product of Inertia (option)


  • Space – to measure entire satellites or subsystems.
  • Aeronautic – to measure wings, helicopter wings, engines, frames, etc.
  • Automotive – vehicle balancing for new desings and racing cars.
  • Defence – to measure the mass properties on ammunitions, rockets,
W&CGMS Tests

W&MoICoG Measuring Tests

Test Data Report Example:

What is the box?

  • WMoICoG measurement machine system;
  • Shipment Package;
  • Sensor calibration at Elital address;
  • EU Cable;
  • User and maintenance manual;
  • High Precision Dummy Mass for CoG and MoI;
  • Dimensional Test,
  • Functional Test;
  • Proof tests;
  • CE Certification;