Custom made Shelter are proposed to customer with special needs. Special forces and Secret Services may have particolar operative needs, where a regular system on the market is not enough. Bullet proof shields, could be one of the reason to select a Shelter proposed by Elital.

Main Feature of this Protection System:

  • NBC Filtering System;
  • Ballistic protection hidden in the structure (for stealth operation);
  • Bullet proof from grade 2 to 7 according to UNI EN 1522 standard;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Satcom antenna integration;
  • Full customisation of internal layouts;
  • Appearance like a maritime container (for stealth operations);
  • Noiseless power system for stealth operation;
  • Structure in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel for extreme environment;
  • Integrated Telescopic masts;
  • Dual Air conditioning systems, one for the cabin, one for equipment;
  • C130, Antonov, Ilyushin, Airbus and Boing compliant;
  • Compliance with ultra long range camera (Flir systems);
  • Integrated Power Generator;
  • EMI shield;