The Umbilical Test Equipment  provides the following main functions for satellite testing:

  1. Power supply to S/C buses,
  2. Charging and mainteining of on-board batteries,
  3. TM and TC signals processing,
  4. Event record and simulation,
  5. Measuring and acquisition of signals came from the S/C
  6. Event creation to S/C
  7. The safety Unit, to cut off the connection between the Umbilical and the Spacecraft.

The Equipment is controlled locally by the windows PC and it’s remote connected to be drived by the OCOE.

The main functions of the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) are controlled by the local Windows  PC srver type hardware and integrated into the standard Rack. All the instrument are controlled by the local PC through own communication bus.

The main functions of the Umbilical SCOE are:

  • Adapt S/C umbilical connectors and distribute signal lines,
  • Handle and route TM/TC signals trough umbilical lines (N&R)
  • Provide signal test point intarface panel,
  • Monitor and display signals from S/C,
  • Provide external power for S/C operation via umbilical plug,
  • Power supply regulation (trough hte Bus Voltage from the S/C) and voltage compensation at S/C interface connector,
  • Provide Battery conditioning function
  • Provide Over Voltage protection (OVP)
  • Provide Over Current Protection (OIP)
  • Simulate and monitor inhibition and separation straps,
  • Pyro inhibition capability (1N + 1R) and status monitor,
  • Provide High power commands capability
  • Acquire and display battery voltages of the on-board batteries,
  • Acquire battery thermistors
  • Monitor and controls of the main bus voltage
  • Manage the safety loop