The ELT-190-00097-0 “Environmental minitoring system” is data logger for transport systems. It is suitable to record:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Mechanical Shocks
  • Magnetic Fields (i.e. for transportation of atomic clock)
  • Pressure Gauge – Absolute
  • Pressure Gauge – Differential
  • ON/OFF
  • GPS for positioning
  • GPRS for remote monitoring

The EMS system works on CANBus network. Up to 60 sensors can be attached on the CANBus network.

Central Unit Layout:

Suitable for:

  • Satellite transportation
  • Space Instruments transportation
  • Art Masterpieces
  • Military systems

The GPRS connection allows to be warned as soon as happen an unexpected event during transportation. The Decision Maker receive on its mobile phone the event, the parameter out the limits, the position on the map.

The Central Unit system software can be remotely updated by Elital (an internet connection is required).

Product codes:

  • ELT 290-00156-0: Central Unit;
  • ELT 290-00157-0: Magnetic Field Sensor;
  • ELT 290-00158-0: Temperature and Humidity Sensor;
  • ELT 290-00159-0: Acceleration Shock Sensor;
  • ELT 290-00160-0: ON/OFF sensor;
  • ELT 290-00161-0: DC Voltmeter (i.e. battery monitoring);
  • ELT 290-00162-0: AC Voltmeter (i.e. GenSets, power supply);

The system is used for Galileo satellites transportation, and other satellite systems.

ELT 290-00159-0 "Shock & Acceleration Sensor"

ELT 290-00159-0 “Shock & Acceleration Sensor”

ELT 290-00157-0 "Magnetic Field Sensor"

ELT 290-00157-0 “Magnetic Field Sensor”

ELT-290-00158-0 - "Temperature and humidity sensor"

ELT-290-00158-0 – “Temperature and humidity sensor”