Elital is one of European manufacturer of Satellite Transport Containers.

The technology proposed is at the State of the Art.


Transport Container with satellite



Cleanliness levels:

  • ISO8: Class 100.000 (for flight hardware)
  • ISO5: Class 100 (for optical modules)
  • ISO7 HC: Planetary Protection (DHMR) compliant for Space Science Missions

Main Features:

  • High Precision Flight Hardware Interfaces
  • Dumper systems,
  • Military temperature range -40°C/+55°C,
  • Inspection Windows,
  • Air conditioning (redundant as option),
  • High Performance Insulation,
  • 15/25mbar compliant,
  • Breathing System,
  • Purging Piping,
  • Nitrogen Plant on board,
  • Helium compliant for Half Life test for Propulsion Modules leak tests,
  • Molecolar Filter System,
  • Hatch Valve,
  • Hydraulic Braking System (option),
  • Pivoting Wheels -40°C compliant,
  • Stock Pile,
  • Rain Proof,
  • Tarpaulin,
  • Painting mil compliant
  • Air Cargo compliant
  • Maritime transportation compliant
  • Train or Truck compliant
  • Designed and manufactured with Elital qualified subsystems 

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