Airbus Appreciation on our LinkedIn post:  
Appreciation to Elital performances reported on the Airbus intranet information site  
Thales Alenia Space Italia


I’m very glad to thank you to everybody and to Each of You.

This achievement was possible only with your support, always available when requested, in this difficult year.


Thales Alenia Space France


“I can report that my team and I are now satisfied with the design of the Container and that we are happy with the work that has been done so far.”




“First of all I will like to say thank you for the effort which you have submitted for this first delivery.

Moreover I will like to inform you that myself and my colleagues from OHB, we are pleased by the work and the quality of the parts (MGSE) which you have delivered today.

Ones again, congratulation and we hope that in the future we will receive the same standards of quality. (I can tell you that some of my colleagues have mentioned the fact that this was the first time when Italians are beating Swiss peoples at quality).”


Airbus “That’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you.”




“For the rest, in general and in my opinion, the MGSE performs well and it is stable even with a wide temperature range.”


ESA Estec


“I fully appreciate your effort in finalizing the dip-coating machine, this seems to be a very nice piece of equipment”


ESA Estec


ESA considers the work done good and promising. The activity is really challenging, risky but really innovative as well.”




ESA ITT AO/1-7992/14/NL/MH



1.2 Reference Documents

G. Arista, J. Brunetti,  A. Cappelli, R Centi, S. Coralluzzo, G. Pandoli, […]  “RESKUE Project: Transportable Reflectarray Antenna for Satellite Ku-band Emergency Communications”, ESA ESTEC Annual Workhop on Satellite Antennas 2011




ESA ITT AO/1-7992/14/NL/MH

Title: Scalable Ka band Switch Matrix in compact LTCC package for Satellite Communication application


G.Nicolai, D.Di Gregorio Elital s.r.l