Elital Srl (the name means for Elettronica Italiana, www.elital.com) was founded in 1986 and has rapidly expanded its capabilities in the design and manufacturing of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment’s, subsystems and complete systems serving the civil commercial and professional space market.

The strength of Elital stands in the mix of skills, available technologies and people experience. Besides the company’s own personnel, Elital has established good professional relationships with experts coming from both the space and non-space sectors, and with the local (L’Aquila) University. Internally, Elital has progressively built a capable engineering design group that can handle both mechanical and electrical requirements in a cost-effective manner exploiting the features of most modern CAD tools. On the manufacturing side Elital is quite strong in five main areas, where the Company has invested, ad continues to invest, on modern and capable manufacturing tools and processes.

The five manufacturing areas are:

    • research & Development;
    • mechanical workshop, which is equipped with rather unusual, and hard to find elsewhere, tooling machines;
    • carpentry workshops, which is mainly devoted to the production of shelters, vans, casing, racks, for ground mobiles and fixed installations for both civil and military applications;
    • PCB design and production, for both professional space and non-space use. Elital is a current top quality and specialized PCB supplier of renown national aerospace companies;
    • Painting and Silkscreen: where Elital owns proprietary processes and skills enabling a cost effective production of panels cleverly supporting the human engineering aspects of the design;
    • Plants: this including both the internal plants (Elital handles a variety of manufacturing processes involving the careful management of the infrastructures) and the intervention on externally supplied and installed equipment and systems at customer premises;

Since its creation, Elital strong points have been on the design and development of test equipment, and the design, manufacturing, installation and testing of small and large ground Earth stations (see the attached brochure).

Recently the CommuniPack terminal, entirely designed, developed and produced by Elital has captured a fair market share in this products’ class.

Elital srl means:

  • Personnel focused company;
  • mix of skills;
  • internal technologies and industrial processes;
  • people experiences;

Elital continuously invest in personnel and facilities to grow up its expertise, capabilities, markets and to ensure good and reliable products to our customers.


Year Achievement
1990 Costruzione di apparati per le trasmissioni televisive ad alta definizione sperimentali per i mondiali (oggi HDTV)
1992 Costruzione di apparati per le trasmissioni satellitari a 50 GHz (tecnologia ancora oggi non del tutto impiegata)
1994 Campagna sperimentale per 5 tetti fotovoltaici per abitazioni civili per l’Enea, installati presso il Centro Sperimentale di energia alternativa di Manfredonia
1997 La campagna di lancio Transmed di palloni sonda stratosferici per L’Agenzia Spaziale Italiana dalla base di lancio Trapani Milo
1998 Campagna di installazioni di antenne Globalstar in California, Texas, Australia ed Italia per la telefonia cellulare satellitare
2000 omologazione del reparto costruzione PCB per la produzione spaziale di bordo
2005 Campagna di installazione Antenne X/Y per Cosmo SkyMed in Italia e Francia
2006 Stazione satellitare per Protezione Civile per le Olimpiadi Invernali di Torino
2008 Costruzione di sistemi di trasporto (mobile clean rooms) per Satelliti della costellazione Globalstar e O3B

Sistema di lanciatori Spada per MBDA

2009 Stazioni satellitari per la rete italiana di Protezione Civile
2011 Sala operativa mobile per Protezione Civile Regione Piemonte
2012 Costruzione di sistemi di trasporto (mobile clean rooms) per Satelliti della costellazione Galileo

Esordio nel mercato spaziale europeo

2013 Partecipazione su programma Meteosat dell’ ESA

Progettazione del sistema SOTM per Aeronautica Militare Italiana

2014 Partecipazione di Elital attraverso i propri prodotti nel programma Exomars per Airbus UK
2015 Consegna del sistema di difesa Homeland Security per CBRNe per un corpo speciale italiano
2016 Partecipazione di Elital attraverso i propri prodotti per METOP per Airbus UK e DE
2017 Omologazione militare delle stazioni Communipack4000
2018 Consegna degli MGSE del programma Metop
2019 Consegna degli MGSE del programma Exomars

Elital new Company Layout


Module 1:
The Floor Zero is dedicated to the manufacturing of Radio Frequency PCB for Satellite application.

Module 2:
Building has n.1 floor dedicated to Research and Development, Clean Room ISO7, Mechanical Workshop, Military Area, Assembly Integration and Test.
Three meeting rooms are available: one is for Elital employ use and the others are for 6 guests and the other for 12 guests. A Guest Room is also available. The meeting rooms are equipped with free WiFi and printing tools for the guests.

Each meeting room is equipped with:
– International Power Plugs
– Webex
– Skype
– Polycom
– Free WiFi connection
– Wireless and Wired projection of Screens


Meeting Rooms:

Meeting Room one Meeting Room Two


Elital is located in L’Aquila, a city at 75 minutes by Motorway from Roma Fiumicino Airport. It’s very easy to arrive in L’Aquila, the signs are always present on the way. In L’Aquila Elital is located at 500m from the Motorway exit L’Aquila Ovest. The Motorway allow the transportation of out of standard shape items, such as transport container.
In addition, L’Aquila is located at 100Km from the Ortona industrial port in Abruzzo where large items are devliered by vessels managed. The Ortona seaport is used for Oil & Gas industrial purposes, and it have the possibility to handle large equipment and towers (Ortona port, can manage mechanical parts up to Length: 55 m, Diameter 16 m, 1000Tons).