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Events Heritage:

  • Agorà Loreto 07 – Visit of the Pope
  • Earth Quake in L’Aquila
  • G8 in L’Aquila 2009
  • Earth Quake in Emilia Romagna
  • Earth Quake in Lazio – Amatrice

Trainings Heritage:

  • Fire Four – Fire Department training sessions
  • Andorra – European training
  • Tarvisio – Italian Civil Protection Ski Contest
  • Napoli – Civil Protection training

Take a look at Mobsat system in action:

The Mobsat2 system is used by Italian Civil Protections to restore the communication links during the first days, the most important, after the natural disaster or for the management of cultural events with thousands of peoples.

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Protezione Civile - Bertolaso

Protezione Civile – dott. Guido Bertolaso head of Italian Civil Protection and the Mobsat2 systems

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  • reliable,
  • low cost,
  • Same communication capacity of a station built in a VAN,
  • easy maintenance,
  • optimizide TCO,
  • environmental friendly,
  • transportable with any vehicle,
  • TooWay compliant,

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The system is composed:

  • ACU Pro – Antenna Control Unit Pro Version
  • High Reliable pointing (stats: 99.75% successful pointing based on 20 system in last 5 years)
  • BUC Management capability
  • Built-in magnetic declination world map
  • Trim Sensors
  • Last version of Graphic User Interface
  • Air conditioning system
  • Air cargo compliant

Support and Download:

User and Maintenance Manual
Certificate of Conformity

Stazioni MobSat3

5 Stations for Protezione Civile Italiana

trasporto con Elicottero

Helicopter Transportation


Trasporto nella stiva del C27J spartan di Alenia Aeronautica

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