The CommuniPack 2100 system is a complete system composed by high quality components. It’s made by lightweight materials to be transported by one person, but it is robust and stiff at the same time.

Only 15 minutes are needed to deploy the antenna system from the transport configuration. The software Satcalc is designed to allow the pointing of the antenna, starting from the installation site.

The frame is equipped with stabilisers pads, suitable for different type of terrains.

The antenna is integrated, and specially designed to fit into the transport backpack or suitcase. The transport case is compliant with the IATA rules in pressurised cabins, or in cargo bays. The system is comply to the following standards IP67, MILSPEC4150J, STANAG4280, ATA300.

The main antenna reflector is Corbon Fiber made, composed by 6 sectors. One is permanently fixed to the antenna pointing frame with feed arm. To mount the antenna no tools are needed, and the mounting information are reported on the labels.


Here is the Communipack 2100 IT17 datasheet, but the systems can be tailored on customer needs, we kindly ask you to contact us.