Guido Arista      

Date of Birth:             1977,
Nationality:                Italian,
Military Status:           Scuola Militare della Cavalleria, at Raggruppamento Addestrativo RISTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Intelligence, Target Acquisition) address: Montelibretti, Roma – leave on 14-07-99.

Business Interests

  • I’m Entrepreneur in Elital srl and partner at 55%,
  • I’m the Director  of the company,
  • I’m President of Confindustria L’Aquila – Abruzzo Interno Small Enterprises,
  • I’m member of Workgroup “Strategie territoriali” of Comitato di Sorveglianza FESR ed FSE Abruzzo Reagion,
  • I’m President of SPARC Cluster,
  • I’m Technical Scientific Committee or Associazione Arma Aeronautica,
  • I’m owner of n.4 Patents;
  • I’m member of cultural movement Abruzzo Moderno,
  • I’m member of cultural movement Beautiful Minds,
  • I was the CEO of the Anthex s.r.l. – company with expertise on antenna pointing and tracking of LEO satellites,
  • I was  member of Comitato Tecnico Scientifico if Afcea Rome Chapter
  • I was member of Giovani of Confindustria L’Aquila,
  • I was member of European Union Business Delegation in M4G in Israel, Panama, Argentina, Paraguay,
  • I was member of Italian space Agency in United Arab Emirates,
  • I was member of the board of Confindustria L’Aquila – deputy to Innovation,


  • English education course in Elital srl;
  • Spanish education course in Elital srl;
  • CBRNe – Training from OsDife;
  • CBRNe – World Summit participation in Cavtat – Dubrovnik in Croatia;
  • Camera di Commercio della Provincia dell’Aquila – Training on the Quality System;
  • Education course in writing communication and speech in Confindustria;
  • External experts – PDM configuration and management;
  • External experts – Managent of relation with human resources;

CTO in ELITAL srl :

The be the CTO in a SME requires the capability to personally interact with customers and colleagues. Identify the customer needs, not only what it written into the technical requirements, is one on the key of success. I’m pride to have good relationship with many people in many countries all around the world.

Elital works in the Space and Defence market since 1986. I started to work in Elital since 1997 when I was 20 years old. Due to the forward looking of my father, I start working in manufacturing. This help me to understand and grow up in skills.

Basically, I’m an entrepreneur, this means the grow of myself is the grow of the company and vice versa. I’m the Business Development Manager of the company.

Think’s to Elital I had relationships with entities, governments, military entities and Embassies in the following countries:

I have visited 38 countries and i have Business Contacts and Friendships in many countries.


I’m CTO in the following markets and products:

Airborne Satcom system

Research and development of airborne Satcom terminal for BLOS on RPAS. I’m working on four main developments of Unmanned Aircraft programs, listed here below. The names of the countries and name of the programs are classified information.


  • Italian Minister of Defence – SOTM it is a dual band terminal in Ka and EHF for Athena Fidus satellite.
  • Italian research program on RPAS
  • “Medium East” RPAS program
  • “Far East” RPAS research program;
  • Lightweight Helicopters Black Box;
  • Selex ES UAV – Manufacturing of the Ground Control Station and test;
  • SoC (System on Chip) – Microprocessor for Aeronautic Sector completely Designed and Manufactured in L’Aquila, one of a kind. In the frame of Abruzzo Region Research Program named Sathernos with Thales Alenia Space Italia (prime contractor ) and Lfoundry.

Satcom Systems

  • Italian Space Agency – Athena Fidus Satcom Trolley,
  • Aeronautica Militare Italiana – Design and Manufacturing of Satcom On The Move Airborne satcom antenna (Dual Band Ka/EHF);
  • Italian Air Force – Design and manufacturing of transportable Satcom stations
  • Civil Protection – Design and manufacturing of transportable Satcom stations for (18 units),
  • Civil Protection – Design and manufacturing of mobile command and control room on Iveco Eurocargo,
  • Hexapod Antenna system (diameter 6m) based on Stewart platform,
  • ASI – Italian Space Agency: Design and Manufacturing of the flight platform of Stratospheric Balloons for Transmed science mission Transmed program,

Space Programs:

Design and manufacturing of complex system named MGSE and EGSE (Mechanical / Electronic Ground Support Equipment), for the following programs:

Main Customers
Space Programs
·       AIRBUS,
·       ESA – European Space Agency,
·       OHB System;
·       OHB (Kayser Threde);
·       Thales Alenia Space Italia;
·       Conae (Argentina):
·       Thales Alenia Space France;
·       BIOMASS;
·       NAOS;
·       PRISMA;
·       METEOSAT third generation,
·       METOP Second Generation,
·       SAOCOM;
·       EXOMARS,
·       GALILEO IOV & FOC,
·       SENTINELL,
·       AMOS 4,
·       ARABSAT,
·       COSMO Sky Med,
·       ERS,
·       GAIA,
·       O3B,
·       GLOBALSTAR 2,
·       YAHSAT,
·       KAZASAT,
·       KOMPSAT,
·       SICRAL,
·       SAR2000,
·       METOP,

Defence & Homeland Security:

  • Homeland Security intelligence stealth system for Surveillance and Target Acquisition:
  • C2 Shelter, Heavy Duty Bullet Proof structure:
  • Silent Watch application VAN with integrated and hidden surveillance and telecommunication systems, and hidden ballistic shield;
  • Silent Watch application SUV with integrated and hidden surveillance and telecommunication systems, and NBC system;
  • Aeronautica Militare Italiana – Design and Manufacturing of Satcom Trasportable Trailer,
  • Selex Sistemi Integrati: Design and Manufacturing of Passive Radar Transportable Platform;
  • Selex Sistemi Integrati: Design and Manufacturing of Passive Radar fixed installation Platform;
  • Selex Sistemi Integrati: Design and Manufacturing of UAV remote guidance transportable station;
  • Selex ES (ex Galileo): Defence Equipment (EFA, A129 ecc.);
  • Selex Sistemi Integrati: Logistic Equipment for on field application of ACTL Astra Trucks;
  • MBDA: Pointing Device for Missile Rocket launchers platform (SPADA Program);

Personal Interests

  • Music;
  • Arts;
  • Mechanic;
  • Electronic;
  • Technologies;


The passion for art, music for first, also the result of the studies when I was child, and the passion for beauty in general that I consider as a source of inspiration and a natural consequence of the effort necessary to bring a fulfilment works and valuable products.