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Archivio mensile: June 2016

MGSE – Weight and Center of Gravity Measurement System

This equipment is specially designed to measure the Weight and the Centre of Gravity of bodies up to 4 tons. The test setup is very easy, and it need only a few minutes of work for the operator. The control software is easy to [...]


MGSE – 6DoF systems

MGSE for Handling and Integration of populated panels on satellite structures. Systems suitable to align on 3 axis and 3 translation in respect of the fixing holes of the satellite frames. The system baseline do not include [...]


MGSE – Turnover Trolley

The system named Turnover Trolley is suitable for the integration of the space instruments. The Lower part is stable and allow the technician to work around the instrument. The baseplate can be rotated by the hand wheel and can [...]


MGSE – Vibration Adapters

Here after are reported the pictures of Vibration Adapters designed and manufactured by Elital srl in Italy.


OGSE – Optical Tables

Custom made granite tables for integration of optics instruments. ISO5 Compliant