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Archivio mensile: Maggio 2017

CommuniPack 1000

Suitable for: BroadCasting of news or social events, as cultural, sports, commercial; Remote learning; Services of sanitary emergency; Civil safeguard; Law and order; Connectivity increase; Far data [...]


CommuniPack 2100

The CommuniPack 2100 system is a complete system composed by high quality components. It's made by lightweight materials to be transported by one person, but it is robust and stiff at the same time. Only 15 minutes are needed [...]


CommuniPack 2300

CommuniPack 2300 - Fully Automatic System


CommuniPack 3000 – Broadcast

Suitable for Oil&GAS plants, Radio and TV stations, Geographic LAN remote private networks, etc. Benefits: reliable, low cost, Same communication capacity of a station built in a VAN, easy maintenance, [...]


CommuniPack 3000 – Civil Protection

Our system are appreciated by our institutional customers. Events Heritage: Agorà Loreto 07 - Visit of the Pope Earth Quake in L'Aquila G8 in L'Aquila 2009 Earth Quake in Emilia Romagna Earth Quake in Lazio - [...]