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Archivio mensile: June 2017

Leak Tester

Varian Leak tester - Helium detector Leack test on: Satellite Transport Container Housing.


Breathing box ISO8 ELT-230-00419-1

Breathing box ISO5 ELT-230-01628-0

Breathing box to guarantee the container venting in normal air-transport conditions, as per IATA rule requirements and in emergency case (quick repressurizzation).The breathing box is hosted on the lateral wall of the [...]


Safety hatch ELT-230-00823-1

  The hatch consists in a flap hosted on the cap wall and 2 safety hinges, 2 adjustable locking devices to allow the correct positioning of the hatch, one adjustable release mechanism to allow the hatch opening when [...]


Non-Return Valve ELT-230-01794-0

  The non returning (one way) valve consists in a flap hosted on a flange, with safety o-rings to achieve tightness performances. The adjustable release mechanism allow the hatch opening when it is subjected to the [...]