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Archivio mensile: June 2017

Clean Room

ISO7 Clean Room for Brazing Technology and Harness 150 sqm humidity and Temperature controlled ISO8 Clean Room for Printed Circuit Board 60 sqm humidity and Temperature controlled


Company Profile

Elital (the name is Elettronica Italiana) was founded in 1986 and has rapidly expanded its capabilities in the design and manufacturing of complex and multidisciplinary systems, subsystems and complete products. The fields where [...]


DHMR compliant facility – Planetary Protection

Chamber dimension : 3500 x 3000 x 2900, 4° per minute:   In the frame of Exomars Rover Transport Container, Elital has in-house a DHMR chamber,  ESA ECSS standards compliant.


Leak Tester

Varian Leak tester - Helium detector Leack test on: Satellite Transport Container Housing.


Mechanical Test Facility List

Here After is reported the list of test instruments: DEA with Renishaw 5 Axis CMM automatic head and PCDMIS CAD version. POLI gantry CMM with Renishaw head and Panasonic camera head, CAPS  Software, M&H [...]